Bryant Taylor Gordon Golf, based in Costa Mesa, California, has been dedicated to designing high quality golf course irrigation systems for over thirty years. The firm, originally known as Bryant & Gordon Golf Services, was created as a result of the consolidation of Gordon's Irrigation Consulting and Bryant Golf Services in 1994.

This is a test Having completed over five hundred new and renovation projects, the firm has long been an innovator in developing the most cost-effective applications of available materials for long lasting and efficient irrigation systems. The cost of using the most current technology is always weighed against the benefit of cost savings with an added emphasis on water conservation. Our goal is to create an irrigation design that is cost sensitive, uniform in coverage, and offers the highest efficiency of control within the design parameters of the project. Regardless of the scope of the project, we provide the same level of experience and dedication to quality in all aspects of our design and consulting services. We know that a well-planned, professionally designed, properly installed, and efficiently operated irrigation system is the cornerstone of an exceptional golf course development.

We offer a full range of services including Design, Construction Support, and Control System Programming of irrigation systems for golf courses worldwide. We are fully equipped with the most current computers and plotting equipment to provide plans in AutoCAD 2002 format. While this current technology does not replace the design knowledge and experience of our principals and associates, it does provide a more efficient means of producing plans and facilitating changes during the design process.

Our Corporate Office in Southern California is located within a few miles of the design and manufacturing facilities of the major golf irrigation equipment companies. We maintain continuous communication with these companies with regard to product development, testing, and reliability. We are generally involved with both major irrigation manufacturers in reviewing new products prior to their release to the golf market.

We have recently opened our Texas Office in the Austin Area to provide more local support of our projects in the Central and Eastern parts of the US. As water issues across the country become more complex and controversial, we are committed to providing professional water resource planning assistance and support to our industry. It has become increasingly more important to coordinate a collaborative effort between the development, land planning and design/construction community, the environmental community and the regulatory community that are involved in and concerned with the golf course irrigation industry. We have this expertise.

We can help support environmental protection efforts within the context of local and regional economic development, facilitate a balanced approach to resource management, while helping our clients to ensure the sustainable use, enjoyment and conservation of local natural and water resources. We support and promote an enhanced environmental stewardship ethic in the golf course water use industry.