Staking and On-Site Design
It is vital to the overall quality of the design to include these services for any irrigation system installation; both for new golf course construction as well as for replacement of an existing system. Proper location and spacing of sprinklers is essential to achieving the optimum sprinkler performance and the most uniform distribution of water.

During construction, we field-locate and mark all sprinkler heads in coordination with the irrigation contractor.

For existing golf courses, this allows us to adapt the plan as designed to actual site conditions. In doing so, we are able to make final adjustments to sprinkler locations in relationship to golf course features such as bunkers, trees, cart paths, and buildings.

For new golf courses, we make adjustments as required due to field modifications to the golf course design. These design modifications can include changes to the shape or location of greens, tees, and bunkers, as well as, grass lines and limits of sprinkler coverage. We make field adjustments for these design changes including any necessary modifications that may be required for pipe sizes or routing.

After each site visit for staking, we re-draw each hole that was staked to produce an As-Staked Plan for final installation of the irrigation system.