Control System Programming
Control System Programming should be considered as part of the design and consulting services in order to achieve the most efficient use of the irrigation system. The computer based control systems that afford the flexibility for most efficient use of water and power must be programmed to operate the irrigation system as designed. They require an accurate database that reflects actual field conditions, and takes into account variations in conditions for each station or zone of the golf course sprinklers.

These on-site services include collecting specific field information and creating the database for the irrigation control system. Each control station is operated to verify the number of sprinklers per station, total gpm, precipitation rate, and area of coverage. Various site conditions are analyzed and adjustments are made for individual watering requirements around the golf course. Watering priorities are determined, and a database for optimum flow and pump management is provided. Proper programming and completion of databases, along with basic operator training, help to assure that maximum benefit is obtained from the irrigation control system.